Cookie Policy

HUGO BOSS AG, Dieselstraße 12, D-72555 Metzingen (in the following “HUGO BOSS”, “we” or “us”) uses cookies across the Recruiting Website ( in order to improve its performance and enhancing your user experience. This policy explains how cookies function. Please also see the Privacy Statement for more information on data protection and details of the data processing activities of HUGO BOSS on the Recruiting Website.

A. What are Cookies
Web Cookies are small pieces of data send by a website which are stored by your browser on your computer or mobile device. Cookies do not carry viruses and cause no harm. The information stored in the cookies can, for example, be used to remember you when you visit the Recruiting Website again, i.e. a cookie will store your login data (your e-mail address). Most browsers are set to accept cookies automatically. Nonetheless, if you wish, you can change your browser settings to block or delete cookies. You will find more details in section C. However, if you do so, some areas of the Recruiting Website may no longer function properly.

B. Which Cookies are used?
The Recruiting Website only uses first party cookies which are set and controlled by HUGO BOSS. We do not use third party cookies on the Recruiting Website.

   1. First party Cookies used by the Recruiting Website

Functionality Cookies
- These cookies are used to remember the choices you made on previous visits to the Recruiting Website such as your login for your accounts. The information collected by these cookies is only related to your visits to the Recruiting Website and cannot be used to track your browsing activity on other sites.

rmk0 - The user's encrypted e-mail address, if known.

rmk1 - The encrypted ID of the user if one exists.

rmk4 - Whether or not to pre-fill the Subscribe box with the user's e-mail address, in order to avoid the user having to re-enter their e-mail address.

rmk12 - A number that indicates if the user has acknowledged the cookies policy banner. If the cookie is not set, then the banner may be presented. If they cookie is set and its value is 1, the banner may be suppressed. This cookie will persist across user sessions, no matter which type of cookies are enabled sitewide.

JSESSIONID - ColdFusion application server session identification when J2EE session management is enabled. A new hexidecimal JSESSIONID is always created at the start of each browser session. Although JSESSIONID replaces CFID/CFTOKEN as the actual "session ID", ColdFusion MX creates the CFID and CFTOKEN values for tracking client information. This enables secure manipulation of client-scoped variables. The combination of CFID, CFTOKEN, and JSESSIONID comprise the Session.

BIGipServer WEB-SERVERS - BIG-IP network hardware session persistence identification cookie.

   2. Flash Cookies

The Recruiting Website may offer video content that can only be viewed using Adobe Flash Player. Adobe uses Flash cookies to help improve your experience as a user. Please note that, unlike conventional cookies, Flash cookies can only be deactivated or deleted using the Adobe Flash Player settings not in the browser settings. Please bear in mind though, that if you disable Flash cookies, you will be unable to access certain types of content on the Recruiting Website.

C. Cookie settings
The procedure for deleting or blocking cookies depends on the specific browser that you use. The browser settings can be used to, for example, block cookies in general or only those of specific websites. Most browsers also offer the option of only blocking third party cookies. We should point out, however, that blocking or deleting cookies could result in your being unable to access some areas of the Recruiting Website or may cause some of their features to not function properly.

For more details on cookie settings, please see your browser's help menu.

You can find more information about deleting cookies on the most common browsers by following the relevant links below:

Internet Explorer  |  Firefox  |  Google Chrome  |  Opera  |  Safari  |  Safari for iPad and iPhone

Effective Date: August 2014