An international company like HUGO BOSS offers a wide variety of challenges for many different occupations and education levels. Gain insights into the many interesting tasks that await you at HUGO BOSS and enjoy our colleagues' stories!
"I have the same drive as I used to when I designed the first pants for my friends when I was 15: the buzz of creating something new. With HUGO BOSS I have even more opportunities to do this - on a much bigger stage. To see my creations in the store or - if I am lucky - to send them out on the catwalk myself and to experience how it excites people, that really satisfies me a lot.”
HUGO Menswear
“The IT department only functions as a team. However, this does not mean that they have to all sit together in one location. With the help of advanced technology HUGO BOSS is defining a new working culture. Through digital platforms and the most modern cloud computing solutions it is possible to work together in virtual and global teams - at any time, independently, and from anywhere. The business is like driving a rally. It is getting faster and faster. And we want to be in pole position.”
IT Director
"I have been here for 25 years - and there are reasons for that. On the one hand, it is the people who work here. There is a strong sense of togetherness and a great passion to make a difference together. On the other hand, there’s the fact that the HUGO BOSS brand still has a lot of potential. This thought is my permanent motivation. We have our big vision, which we are all working towards."
BOSS Menswear
For me, it’s particularly motivating that you can accompany the whole process of product development and then hold the item of clothing in your own hands at the end. I'm fascinated that the process, beginning with my number-based planning, results in an actual item of clothing that I can see worn on the streets by our customers. I can still clearly remember the first collection I worked on. When it became available in store, I remember showing it to my family and friends with great pride.”
BOSS Womenswear

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